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Sports Minister Carál Ní Chuílin with boxer Ricky Hatton

Social clauses need to be embedded in all areas of government spend.

That was the main message from Sports Minister Carál Ní Chuilín as she outlined how the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure is delivering social clauses.

Speaking at Coláiste Feirste in the Gaeltacht Quarter, Belfast, the Minister said: “Investment in the regional stadium programme provided my department with the opportunity to deliver maximum benefits from social clauses.

“For that reason, we require social clauses to be included at all stages of the construction process, from tendering through to when the project is open to the public. This approach ensures the benefits are long-term, sustainable and, most importantly, that they are targeted at those most in need.

“The social clauses that DCAL provide will use statutory authority under Section 75 equality duty. This is a significant innovation linking public equality duties through an Executive department directly with the work of private contractors undertaking government works. They are a minimum baseline rather than a maximum ceiling.”

The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) is committed to proactively harnessing the transformative power of the creative and cultural sectors to tackle disadvantage and support a confident, creative, informed and healthy society in this part of Ireland.

Our top priority is to promote social and economic equality and tackle poverty and social exclusion.

DCAL has responsibility for a diverse portfolio ranging across arts and creativity, museums, libraries, sport, inland waterways and inland fisheries, linguistic diversity and public records. It supports cross-cutting Government priorities and works with a
wide range of social partners to make a real difference to
people’s lives. Programmes, organisations and strategic initiatives supported and delivered by DCAL can catalyse life-changing pathways and help to deliver wider social and economic change.

Our areas of work
DCAL supported programmes enhance education and life-long
learning outcomes; support
families and add value to
the work of teachers, schools
and alternative education

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We support thousands of jobs in the creative and cultural sector and innovative initiatives delivering qualifications and employability skills. We introduce social clauses delivering new jobs for young people and the long-term unemployed.

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Our programmes support healthy lifestyles, increase confidence and self-esteem, and help to tackle major societal challenges such as mental health and suicide prevention.

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DCAL supported initiatives tackle barriers to full participation in society. We reach out to and support those experiencing or at risk of isolation and alienation.

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