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Roles and Responsibilities
Under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland 1998, DCAL, like all designated public authorities has two duties. The primary duty is to have due regard to the need to promote equality of opportunity between:

  • persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status or sexual orientation;
  • men and women generally;
  • persons with a disability and persons without; and
  • persons with dependants and persons without.

The other duty is to have regard to the desirability of promoting good relations between persons of different religious belief, political opinion or racial group.

DCAL DEPARTMENTAL EQUALITY SCHEMETHis opens a Microsoft Word document Opens new window(131MB)

Sets out how we intend to comply with the equality duties, including the screening of our policies for equality implications and conducting equality impact assessments.

DCAL is committed under the above Equality Scheme to develop a summary of the Scheme, this can be accessed here

Summary of DCAL Equality SchemeTHis opens a Microsoft Word documentOpens new window (36KB)

DCAL has also produced an Easy Read version of the Equality Scheme which can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Equality Scheme Easy Read VersionTHis opens a Microsoft Word document(1.10MB)

Audit of Inequalities

Upcoming Consultations and Screenings

Every six months we report on the outcome of any policies screened and give notice of any upcoming consultations for the next six months. We also maintain a consultation register of organisations and individuals with whom we consult in respect of equality of opportunity. To see any of this information please click on the link below.

Upcoming consultations and screenings

Equality Scheme Five Year Review

Equality Scheme Five Year Review(147KB) THis opens a Microsoft Word document Opens new window

Annual Progress Reports to the Equality CommissionOpens new window

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