Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure

Marching Bands Study

The Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure has commissioned research into marching bands in Northern Ireland. The final study document and accompanying guidance are available below.

The project aim was to collate new and existing baseline information and develop guidance designed to assist marching bands develop.

The research took account of marching bands from all traditions and the guidance will be of interest to all marching bands who wish to develop. Bands who have already developed skills and networks may find the guidance useful as a checklist to review their approach and procedures.

The Confederation of Marching Bands assisted the work as they represent the largest section of the sector.

The information is not exhaustive, however, it represents an important step in promoting understanding of marching bands, both for the sector itself and the wider public.

This study and accompanying guidance do not form Departmental policy. Use of the guidance is entirely at individual bands' discretion.

21 March 2011

Marching Bands Study (pdf 1.12MB)

Marching Bands in Northern Ireland Guidance Notes (pdf 1.54)

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