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Public Views on Ulster-Scots Culture, Heritage and Language in Northern Ireland 2010


Findings from the 2010 Omnibus Survey. This bulletin presents analysis on the following topics:

  • Views on the importance of Ulster-Scots as part of the culture, history and heritage of Northern Ireland
  • Participation in Ulster-Scots activities and attendance at Ulster-Scots events
  • Public knowledge of the Plantation of Ulster
  • Views on providing option to learn about Ulster-Scots culture, history and language in schools
  • Awareness of the Ulster-Scots language and level of aspiration to learn more about it
  • How many people perceive themselves to be an Ulster-Scot

Published on this site on:

01/07/2010 – initial findings

26/08/2010 – secondary analysis


The bulletin is available to download by following the links below:

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