Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure


Through its strategy for sport, 'Sport Matters: The Northern Ireland Strategy for Sport  and Physical Recreation, 2009-2019', DCAL is seeking to improve levels and frequency of participation in sport and physical recreation across the Northern Ireland population.

Sport Matters contains 11 high level Participation targets designed to achieve improvements in sports participation rates that fit with the UK chief medical officers' recommendations in relation to healthy physical activity. The targets are aimed at children and adults, and groups of people (eg women, people with a disability, people suffering socio-economic disadvantage) currently under represented in sport. The participation targets set out within Sport Matters also contribute to wider Government agendas in areas such as health, education, the economy, community relations, community development, crime reduction, and addressing social disadvantage.

To achieve these Targets, DCAL works with a range of partners to improve opportunities for participation at school, community and grass roots levels.

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