Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure


Through its strategy for sport, 'Sport Matters: The Northern Ireland Strategy for Sport and Physical Recreation, 2009 - 2019', DCAL is seeking to encourage the development of more successful sports organisations, systems and athletes.

Sport Matters contains 9 Performance targets that are designed to support the continuous modernisation of sports organisations, the development of coaches and coaching standards, the development of talent and improved athlete performance.

As well as being important in their own right, the Performance targets set out within Sport Matters are an essential complement to its Participation targets. They also contribute to wider Government agendas in areas such as the economy, employment and learning and improving Northern Ireland's image at home and abroad.

A link to the Sport Northern Ireland Performance website page can be found  here. This link opens a new window to the Performance page of Sport NI website. Opens new window

A link to the Sports Institute Northern Ireland website can be found by clicking  here. this link opens a new window to SINI website.Opens new window

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