Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure


Through its strategy for sport,  'Sport Matters: The Northern Ireland Strategy for Sport and Physical Recreation, 2009-2019', DCAL is supporting and encouraging the development of modern,  more widely accessible and fit for purpose places that can be used for sporting and physical recreation purposes.

Sport Matters contains 6 Places targets aimed at encouraging:-

  • the development of more multi-purpose and locally accessible community sports and recreation facilities;

  • appropriate use of public land and the countryside for sport and recreation;

  • the complementary development of Olympic and Paralympic standard facilities

  • legislative and planning policy .

The Places targets set out within Sport Matters are intended to underpin those releating to Participation and Performance. They also contribute to wider Government agendas in areas like the economy, urban and rural development, community development, community relations, community safety, crime reduction, tackling disadvantage and improving Northern Ireland's image at home and abroad.

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